Artificial Continuum

Monday, July 26, 2010
It's Monday again! More slightly funny web videos!

1. Dog at the Beach

This may not be the newest viral to hit the Internet, but this hysterical glimpse at a dog and its rather eccentric owner is one of my favorite videos to hit the net this year.

2. Classic Viral: Boxxy...

Here we go...It was only a matter of time kiddies. Boxxy has come to Artificial Continuum. If you are unfamiliar with the hyperactive and bizarre phenomena this girl spawned then you may consider yourself lucky. However, Boxxy may be best known for causing the largest and most intricate flamewar ever seen on the popular Internet website For those wanting to here the full story of Boxxy click here.

3. Deadpool Sings Comic Con Song

Yes, I'm aware some of you may be tired of the Marvel vs. DC videos, but this fun look at the craziness that is SDCC is deffinetly one of the highlights of this week on Youtube.


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