Artificial Continuum

Monday, September 6, 2010

Halo is a property that has undergone an almost aggressive expansion into other forms of media. Originally a popular video game series, Halo now holds a successful line of action figures, a comic series published by Marvel, a bestselling series of novels, and even a short lived anime spinoff. However when it comes to adapting the action space opera to the silver screen, things have not gone as well.

Originally scheduled to be adapted by Peter Jackson and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, Halo fell apart over financial disputes with Microsoft. Since then despite numerous rewrites and plans, the Halo film has yet to see the light of day. However yesterday in an interview with Variety, Frank O' Connor , head of production for the series, discussed the possibility for the first time in months. O'Connor confirmed that the major issue confronting the adaptation at the moment is that of the video games protagonist Master Chief. Although Chief is a fan favorite, O'Connor expressed concern that he lacked the human aspect that would make him a good film character. Despite this concern, he did confirm that Microsoft and Bungie are still considering the idea of adapting Halo to the big screen. However, the project will not movie forward until the company sees a clear reason to begin the project. Other mediums are also being discussed including a television series.