Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi ya (mostly likely non-existant) readers!! Since we've been podcasting, I, well, sorta dropped the ball on my blog posts. But, after realizing that Nick will kick my ass for not posting in weeks, I'm back!!!! So to kick off my posts, I think I'll review Full Metal Alchemist: Conquer of Shambala. After uncovering all the buried anime in my room and nearly getting flattened by my manga, I came upon my old FMA stuff (cause Shinigami knows I have alot of it). Among the mess I came across my Conquer of Shambala Dvd. To summerize this final movie in the FMA franchise in one word is impossible. It has everything: Fighting, Alchemy, An army made of metal, and of course what movie is complete without the nazis getting their asses kicked? The plot of the movie follows what happens after the last episode of the series, Al has his body back and bears a striking resemblance to Ed, Wraith is wandering around aimlessly after his mother dies (Ed and Al's alchemy teacher, the missing organs finally killed her), and Ed is stuck in a parallel universe that is our own nazi Germany. The whole movies revolves around the idea that, by passing through the alchemical door you go to when you are killed by alchemy, you arrive in our universe. This of course means you will see other characters from the FMA universe who have died *cough cough Hughes *. Even without watching the series first, the story is quite easy to follow. I dont want to reveal the whole story piece by piece but if you haven't seen it, it's definatly a buy. Originally I saw it back at my first Otakon and it was the first time the English dub was shown. I even have the peoples autographs :x. As you can probably tell by my praise I had quite the Obsession with this anime, but it is in my biased opinion a great movie and definatly worth seeing.