Artificial Continuum

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Yup, them Japanese sure know how to title movies.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend the Movie is in many ways the ultimate Utlraman film, the popular giant monster fighting Japanese superhero. The newest film collects almost every classic monster and Ultraman hero throughout its 43 year series. It also features the first ever evil Ultraman, Ultraman Belial. If your following me this film is shaping up to be one the craziest films ever created. Filled to the brim in over the top martial arts, mediocre Japanese special effects, and of course giant monsters, the film exemplifies everything that makes the Ultraman series great.

Due for release on December 12, 2009, the film is already expected to be a financial sucess in Japan. Ultraman although an unknown in the West is a popculture phenomena in Japan. The series is so sucessful that recently a spin off series was released about the Ultra monster Gomora (look at my post below) , that didn't even feature Ultraman, and it was still a sucess.

Yup I'm rather excited if you can't tell. If anything this film will be a total blast.