Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Hello everyone,

Reboots are rather popular these days. X-men just had one a few weeks ago. DC's got one planned for next year, and we have major studios rebooting properties all the way down the line. In other words, the status quo has to change, because to quote Dr. Horrible "the satus is not quo".

Anyways, what is this rambling post about? It's about a certain something that's been noticed by many people. Well, many people being the one or two people that read this blog. Artificial Continuum has exeperienced a lot of down time. In fact, way too much downtime.

There are lots of reasons why AC has been dormant for many months. This mainly has to due that our multiple writers have lives that are ultimatley more important than this blog. However, alot of the problems simply came from the fact that our staff (and mostly myself) tried to tackle too large a subject matter for a single blog. Covering all media news with a handful of statt worked when time was a plenty and our lives were simple.

However, this does not mean that AC is dead. On the contrary, I have made this post to simply say that the staff of AC has decided to retool the focus of the blog. We have had multiple suggestions ranging from a stronger focus on reviews or commentaries, a focus soley on a certain form of media, or a certain genre.

So dear (3) readers, I have a request of you. Please tell us: what do you like from AC? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? What features should we expand? What should we throw down the imaginary internet dumpster? Any and all suggestions are welcome. So comment below.