Artificial Continuum

Sunday, July 3, 2011
So after much soul searching, and reading over our single suggestion we recieved, the fate of Artificial Continuum has been decided.

What, you ask, will become of this site? Will it die? Will it change itself completely? Well..the answer is neither.

AC will be repurposed into a site that runs off features and commentaries rather than a focus on news. Some of the most popular features on our site have been the weekly web video topic, and our reviews. These will be expanded upon, and both will be seen in weekly features.

Our new catalogue of content will include:

Monday: Weekly Web Video Topic ( A feature that will be completely identical to our web video topic of last year)

Wednesday: Nick's Top Ten (This one came as a surprise. However, when I went back and reviewed our view stats on our posts. Some of the most popular posts I made on the sites were actually my top ten countdowns. So now every Wednesday will feature a top ten countdown ranging across all geekdom.)

Friday: News Round Up (We can't forget the news! We have to keep the masses informed! Every Friday will now contain a round up of some of the most interesting, bizarre, and important announcements across geekdom.)

Every other week will also feature a round up review of released movie trailers.

I will also continue movie reviews and possibly reviews of Clone Wars, but on a far less scheduled basis.

I hope you all are as excited for this change of pace as I am. Look forward to seeing you in the coming months.