Artificial Continuum

Sunday, January 3, 2010
Hey faithful 20 readers. It's been an interesting holiday break, and not a single podcast has been uploaded. Well, remember that big holiday party podcast that we were doing? We ended up getting about 12 people to come record with us, and we had every podcaster ever featured on our show. Well, we recorded for almost three hours, and we lost it. Yeah, we kind of lost the whole thing. So that was a heart breaker. However, we do have a rather funny video of the Artificial Continuum crew singing "Still Alive" from Portal, which I will try to upload at some point. Knowing me, not any time soon. Also what about those AC awards? They're still planned, but chances of having a video aren't as high as earlier. Maybe a podcast? We'll see. Hope you all had a happy holiday!



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