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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, that was....uh...a mess.

Halo Legends continues with its (awful) third episode, detailing the attack of a Covenant ship by Master Chief and a bunch of other Spartans with regular household names. (Fred, I mean honestly?!?)

Created by Casio Entertainment, The Package is a completely CG animated episode that is heavy on action, low on just about everything else. As you, dear reader, can probably tell, I didn't enjoy this episode, not at all. While I can say I like high octane action as much as the next guy, this episode took things to the next level. We were barely a minute into the enstallment before bullets were flying and people were dying. This itself isn't a bad thing, heck Star Wars did it, but The Package makes no attempt to explain istelf or its characters. People just exist to die and to shoot nothing more. Spartans die left in right throughout the episode and we feel nothing. In fact, their deaths feel so corny and tacked on that its actually annoying to see these characters die. It doesn't even make sense. Why would genetically enhanced superhumans die in such stupid ways? There is even an attempt to include a subplot including The Arbiter from the Halo video games, which falls flat and doesn't make sense with the chronology. The dialogue is also awful. I'm going to give an actual transcript from the end of the episode (trust me spoilers don't matter here):

Dr. Hasley: "You really are lucky. You know that?"

Master Chief: "Not lucky enough. We lost two Spartans today." (Which is completely incorrect seeing as atleast three died.)"Solomon, Arthur. And that Elite we encountered...he was strong....I have to be stronger..."

Dr. Hasley: "We all have to be stronger. Something tells me this is just the beginning."

The End

I kid you not. That's how bad it is.

The action itself is fun to watch, and there are some creative sequences, but without the emotional imput or logic it falls flat. The animation is also fairly impressive, but not for an anime. My brother happened to walk in when I was watching this episode, and he asked why I was watching game cut scenes. It doesn't look or feel like an anime, just a bunch of CG super soldiers shooting and dying.

Score: D+


Anonymous said...

I think the show was stupid, but Fred and Kelly are actual spartans already in the first book, fall of reach. The stupid part is how bad they screwed up the origin of the arbiter. He's not supposed to be a freaking major, he's supposed to be a shipmaster. And he became arbiter cos he failed to protect halo, not cos he couldnt kill the chief. The "dont make a girl a promise" part was stupid as well. Quite unnecessary. I think the person who created the show didnt even play halo 2.

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