Artificial Continuum

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Well not really. Apparently, Spider-man 4 has once again reached trouble when it comes to scripting. Sam Raimi apparently "hated" the draft given to him by writer Gary Ross, and has demanded a total rescripting of the project. He has instead rehired scriptwriter for Spider man 2 and 3, Alvin Sargent. Possible villains are still up in the air, but the name John Malkovich keeps getting tossed around with the idea of the Vulture. (Fans prepare their shotguns).

Now how does Thor factor in? Well apparently, Thor has now taken Spider-man 4's previous release date May 11, 2011, with Spidey being pushed back to July. Now, what happens if Sony does manage to get Spidey back on line for its original date? Will we see a battle of superhero films? Stay tuned.


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