Artificial Continuum

Friday, November 5, 2010

Despite the quality of the previous installment of The Clone Wars, Evil Plans may be one of the worst episodes of the show ever produced.

The plot of the episode follows C-3P0 and his trust companion R2D2 as they struggle to find supplies for a party being planned by Padme Amidala. Meanwhile, the bounty hunter Cad Bane hunts the two to gain the schematics for the senate building.

This episode made the bizarre choice of acting as a prequel to the season one finale Hostage Crisis. While Hostage Crisis was a generally well liked episode, the fact that it could possibly warrant a prequel is absurd. The episode was incredibly self explanatory and lacked any true need for further exploration of the plot.

The plot itself feels incredibly unnecessary, and this is compounded by the fact that nothing substantial happens in the episode. There are no interesting action set peices, no unique characterization, and little long term plot development. Cad Bane recovers his plans, which comes as no surprise to the audience. At the end our heroes are whiped of memory of the entire incident so any character development is lost. The only interseting development is a talk between Jabba the Hutt and his bretheren regarding their wayward brother Ziro. This comes off as interesting as Ziro has always stood as an odd inclusion to the Star Wars mythos, and this may lead the end of his inclusion in the series.

Perhaps the most asinine and annoying sub plot developed in this episode is the inclusion of a droid spa. Yes. A droid spa. Its as stupid as it sounds. Obviously created as a type of poorly conceived gag R2D2 goes through a spa treatment that serves absolutely nothing to the episode as a whole. Humor is welcome, and even whole episodes focusing on the more light hearted aspects of Star Wars are apprecaited. However, back dropped with a darker plot and executed to the poorest degree does nothing but hurt the series as a whole.

The only two real plusses to this episode are the continually stellar animation and Anthony Daniels portrayel of 3P0. Despite the chaos and terrible scripting, 3P0 comes off as the only thing in this episode that actually seems to work. Daniels has spent decades playing this character and he continues to feel genuine.

Overall though this is an incredible disappointment and a low mark for the series as a whole.

Score D+