Artificial Continuum

Friday, November 5, 2010

From the start Assassin was a risk of an episode. Centering around two fan favorite characters, a plot point that has been touchy for fans, and fighting against the series's own continuity the episode seemed like an almost impossible feet to handle correctly. Surprisingly, The Clone Wars team tackled this task spectacularly. Despite its flaws, Assassin ends up being one of the series's better episodes.

Picking up shortly after last weeks Academy, Ahsoka returns to Coruscant to discuss her recent mission tracking down the dangerous bounty hunter Aurra Sing. With Sing believed to be dead the council has moved on to more pressing matters, however the Force seems to have other plans for the fledgeling padawan. Ahsoka begins to have horrific dreams featuring the deadly mercenary attacking someone close to her. Lost and faced with an incredible danger, Ahsoka must rise to the challenge to rescue a life.

Once again Ahsoka stars. The series has really hit its stride when crafting a believable and genuine pathos for the young girl that was originally universally hated by fans. Ahsoka's struggle with her new found responsibility and powers are handled skillfully delivering the necessary confusion and emotion.

The Clone Wars continues its trend of featuring incredible villains. Whether it be Cad Bane, Asajj Ventress, or General Grievous the dark side shines strong in this series. Aurra Sing is also a scene stealer. Originally making her mark in last season's Boba Fett mark, Sing acts a sinister and even maniacal foil the heroes.

Perhaps the most noticeable flaw in this episode is the noticeable lack of tension. While the fate of Ahsoka remains a mystery to fans of the series, the subject of Sing's assassination attempt is known by fans and the general public to survive to a much later date. This robs the episode, which relies heavily on doubt, of much needed tension.

It also at times feels as if Assassin is simply complex for a half hour episode. Ideas are sometimes glossed over or addressed inadequitly, especially towards the end of the episode.

Even more frustrating is the hole this episode creates in the continuity. The events surrounding the conclusion to the assisination conspiracy put several earlier episodes in the series at a far later date then originally suspected, throwing into question numerous other plot points as well.

is beautifully animated. The environments are memorable and atmospheric, the characters feel genuine, and the action is frantic and exciting.

Overall, Assassin is an exciting, if flawed, return to The Clone Wars fans have come to love. Now if we could only solve those continuity issues.

Score: B+