Artificial Continuum

Saturday, July 16, 2011
Hello, everyone. It's been a relatively quiet week with the giant that is San Diego Comic Con looming in the distance. The two largest events of the week have already been covered (the release of the latest Batman trailer and the final Harry Potter film). However, there have been some interesting announcements, especially one regarding a certain big green monster.

1. Akira News

An adaptation of the popular sci-fi cyberpunk anime/manga Akira has been rumored for years. Names such as Zac Efron have been tossed around more than once for starring roles in the film, and due to negative backlash it appeared as if the film had gone into development hell. According to VarietyWarner Bros. has finally announced a new director for the adaptation and a new more conservative production budget for the film of $90 million. Akira will be directed by Oprhan and Unknown director  Jaume Collet-Serra.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3 Update

Development hell is an unfortunate state of being that seems to take hold of a large amount of properties this day. It held onto Duke Nukem Forever for over a decade and look how that turned out. However, depsite a lack of news fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have waited patiently for years on information on the latest installment in the series. This week series director Tetsuya Nomura announced that the aniticipated handheld spin off Kingdom Hearts 3D would feature numerous hints towards the next installment in the main franchise Kingdom Hearst 3. He also announced that the plot for the game would finish the Xenahort saga, but keep Sora around for future installmetns in the franchise.

3. The Hobbit Production Diary #2

In keeping with true Peter Jackson fashion, the New Zealand director has continued to offer us glimpses into the behind the scenes settings of the latest trip to Middle Earth. This time the production diary gives us a glimpse into the actor's lives between filming, but still offers us some tantalizing glimpses at next years two part prequel.

4. The Evil Dead to be Remade

There are few bigger cult films than the Evil Dead franchise. Each film is held in high esteem in sects of nerd culture across the world, and their success helped to elevate star Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi to cult status. Now before anyone starts crying foul on this, Ghost House Pictures has announced that Evil Dead will be remade, but with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell both acting as producers. Ghost House also announced that the two handpicked fledgling director  Fede Alvarez to direct and write the film after seeing his work on the short film "Panic Attack". The script will later be revised by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody.

5. David Goyer to Write Godzilla Script

There are few films I am more excited for than the upcoming reboot of the Godzilla franchise. However, little has been said about the production since the January announcement that Monsters director Gareth Edwards would direct the film. Wednesday, Legendary announced that the film would be written by David Goyer who previously penned the scripts for Batman Begins, Blade 2, and the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. He also has story credits on the two Nolan Batman sequels. Later this week, Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull spoke to the heads of Motion Captured regarding the film and its take on the world famous monster star:

What I can tell you about the approach the studio is taking to the film is that Godzilla is not "just" a giant monster. He is a character, a major force of nature, and there will definitely be other giant monsters in the world. They're focusing on the notion of Godzilla as a defender of Earth, the one thing that can stop some of these other giant creatures, and while there will obviously be a human story playing out with the giant monster story, don't expect it to overwhelm or overshadow the monsters. They know why you're going to the theater, and they are determined to give you a real, no-compromises Godzilla film featuring the giant lizard you know and love already. There are definite design choices they'll make, and the official Toho Godzilla has gone through many changes over the years, but I guarantee when you see this one for the first time, you will know immediately that it is Godzilla.

The site also hinted that if the film performs well that there will be multiple sequels.