Artificial Continuum

Monday, July 11, 2011
Wow...It's been a long time hasn't it my friends? Well, welome to the brand new Artificial Continuum. A world of endless possibilites, and weekly nerd features.

So its been a crazy week at the web. Lots of great viral videos are breaking out. Unfortunatley, you peeps will only get to see one of these late breaking videos today. You'll have to wait for subsequent weeks to see the others. could just go on youtube. Take your pic.

1. eHarmony Cat video

Here's a video that's been making waves on the web for the last few weeks. For those who haven't seen it, you'll be in for a treat. But please, male readers, I am aware that she does seem to move her breasts about alot, but this is a video about well...cats.

2. Classic Viral: PINGAS

Yes, I pulled the PINGAS card. This travesty of voice acting created a viral and eventual meme that would shape the internet forever.

3. Fan Trailer: Deadpool

So, yes. I am aware you all expected me to show you something funny. Well, this last spot has traditionally been reserved for simply cool videos that have captured my attention over the week.

This week that video is this great fan trailer for the hypothetical Ryan Reynolds movie that will probably never actaully be made. Its brilliantly edited, and actually looks pretty cool.