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Friday, December 11, 2009
Hello twenty something AC readers and listeners. Today I am making the official announcement that in early January Artificial Continuum will be opening its own youtube channel, and hosting the first annual AC Awards for all things nerdy. These awards given to the most amazing achievments in nerddom of the year will be presented in video form through youtube. However, this year we will also be featuring AC Decade Awards for the best nerd achievements of the decade. Nominees will be announced later this month.

The Catergories include:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Voice Talent in an Animated Film
Best Animated Feature
Best Original Story
Best Adapted Story
Best Art Design
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Effects/Mixing
Best Score
Best Action Sequence
Best Overall Scene or Sequence

Best Drama Series
Best Comedy Series
Best Animated Series
Best New Series

Video Games:
Best XBOX 360 Game of the Year
Best PS3 Game of the Year
Best Handheld Game of the Year
Best Wii Game of the Year
Best PC Game of the Year
Indy Game of the Year
Best DLC
Best Story
Best Graphics
Best Voice Talent/Acting
Character of the Year
Game of the Year

Best Ongoing Series
Best Event
Best Art
Best Webcomic

Best Anime of the Year
Best Manga of the Year

Overall Nerd Awards
Best Nerd Moment of the Year
Biggest WTF!?! of the Year

AC Decade Awards
Top 5 Movies of the Decade
Top 5 Games of the Decade
Top 5 Television Shows of the Decade
Top 3 Biggest Comics of the Decade


Anna said...

loving it! super psyched!
~love Anna