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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlemen of the internet!

So several weeks ago, there was this awesome miniseries on SyFy called Alice. And being the huge fan of Alice in Wonderland that I am, naturally I had to check it out.

Oh. My. God.

I was blown away by this miniseries. And that's saying something, since the miniseries in question is coming from SyFy, whose material is often best-described to put this gently....subpar. I also sampled another "re-vamping" from SyFy's vaults, Tin Man. All I can say for that miniseries is this... would someone please send Dorothy back to Kansas already?

Alice, well, this one was different. It was witty, interesting, suspenseful, exciting, and boy oh boy, was it visually dynamic.

Alice tells the story of a girl named (take a wild guess) Alice. So her boyfriend, Jack (a pretty-boy with no personality) comes over for dinner, and then he gets kidnapped after trying to give Alice a ring. Alice sees him getting kidnapped and follows after this freaky guy with pigtails and a white suit and falls into a mirror in a building under construction (...why is a mirror in a building under construction in the first place?). So she falls and falls and falls and then SPLASH! it's into a huge lake for her. So she swims to shore, meets a creepy little guy who catches rats, and he takes her to meet a guy named Hatter (OMG OMG OMG!!!! HE IS SO KICKASSLY HOTT!). He says that he can help her find her boyfriend, and the adventure begins!

I won't give away any more because you have to watch it for yourselves.

Rating: A

I enjoyed this miniseries immensely. In fact, I think I had a bit too much fun pointing out all of the little references to the original books. And there were plenty of little references to the original books and universe. For instance, Alice's mother's name is Carol...and Caroll (spelled differently, but what's an extra 'l'?) is the last name of the author (Lewis Caroll, for those who didn't know).

The only real critique I have to make is that there were some points that would not have been understood had you not read the books.

Anyway, so that's about it. WATCH IT! It will blow your mind.

Until next time, my friends!