Artificial Continuum

Monday, December 21, 2009
Ok. I've been lazy and haven't been able to offer my opinions on the latest movie trailers to make their web debut this week.

Iron Man 2:

Looks as fun and entertaining as the first. Robert Downey Jr. once again looks at the top of his game, and Mickey Rourke is perfect as the villainous Whiplash, even if it's difficult to understand him. The action also looks ratched up from the first with robots and bullets flying in every direction. My only true complaint is that the robot suits look even less impressive then the first film. Given that two years have passed you'd expect the special effects to be up a notch or two. War Machine does kick ass though.

Score: -A

Robin Hood

Er...ok. This one I'm a little more skeptical about. Never once in this trailer did I feel Robin Hood. Although I love Ridley Scott as a director, this feels like yet another mideval war film. I don't see any real Robin Hood action or story going on at all besides some arrows and few traps. This once again tries to mix rock anthems with fantasy storytelling, which for the last time doesn't work!

Score: C

Clash of the Titans

Speaking of using rock music to make a fantasy film seem more "pumped", we have the new Clash of the Titans trailer. I actually like this better then the original trailer, the sepcial effects look better and the acting especially Laim Neeson as Zeus seems well done. But really, this film just seems odd. "Damn the Gods" is its tagline. Clash of the Titans isn't a manly action film, it was a special effects extravaganza about the battles of Gods. This new film seems to miss the point and love the original film had. Yet, the Kraken looks cool.

Score: C+

Alice in Wonderland

Oh my God is the imagery in this film beautiful. Easily my favorite interpretation of Wonderland, Tim Burton injects his own style into the already LSD laced headtrip. My only skepticism comes from the story, which seems to play out like a sequel to the original story rather then a strait adaptation. Although I appluad Tim Burton for trying to make the film as much his own as possible, having too much of a different story may actually loose audiences though. We'll find out next March.

Score: -A

Shrek Forever After

It's Shrek One More Day everyone! The only true laugh I got out of this trailer was the obvious comaprisons that can be made to the infamous Spider-man arc. Although the animation has improved, who honestly cares if they end the Shrek story? It's not some saga that we've been anxiously waiting on the edge of seats for years to see the conclusion to. I personally would've liked to see the story end at the second film.

Score: C