Artificial Continuum

Monday, March 29, 2010
Well, I've promised regular features in the past. (Remember my top ten lists, Fringe and clone wars reviews?) Here's one that I would love to keep in existance for a while atleast. Every week I will post three viral videos/ or new memes that caught my eye. Here are my pics for the week.

1. Children's Choir Sings "Still Alive"

Now if that didn't make you smile with nerd related happiness, I dont know what will.

2. TV Show Theme Medley

Recently featured on the Best of Youtube Podcast, this awesome video mainly caught my eye for the awesomeness that happens at 3:55. Its just cool overall though. Though, I'm mad that they included Family guy.

3. Bizarre Giant Shark Video

Now this video is just bizarre. I actually happened upon it a few years ago, but it recently popped back into the random soup of my subconcious. It looks real enough, but its still fracking weird.