Artificial Continuum

Saturday, March 6, 2010
It is a well known fact that after Marvel's mega-battle Siege, Dark Reign will end and a new age in the Marvel universe will take place. This new "Heroic Age" is supposed to signal an end to the chaos and death that has gripped the universe for the past decade. Although this new age will still have its fair share of dark tales, heroes will once again be on the same side, and fighting for a singular cause.

Yet, with any new age comic fans have one thing to look forward to, roster changes! So far we have new line ups for three Avenger teams (I know three!), and the new Thunderbolts squad.

Secret Avengers:
Although we have little idea of who these heroes may be, only their silhouettes have been revealed. Noone is even sure what this team is supposed to signify. Mark this one gents, sure to be interesting.

Judging by the shadows, and what we've learned from fellow nerds, we appear to have Beast, Moon Knight, Valkyrie, Wonder Man, War Machine, and Stever Rogers. Sounds awesome to me!


The core team of the Marvel universe has undergone another huge roster change. A mix of familiar and the old, this is sure to be a fun book. I'm sure many Marvel fans are geeking out over seeing Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America all working together again.

The New Avengers
Now here's the curveball. Many are confused about why this team continues to exist. The New Avengers were originally created at the end of the Avengers Disassembled arc in 2004. However, with a core Avengers team back in action, is there really a need for another Avengers team? Either way, heres the line up.

Marvel's team of reformed super-villains is also getting a major overhaul. Lead by Luke Cage, the new team of Man-Thing, Juggernaut, Moonstone, Crossbones, and the Ant Man from the Initiative plot.