Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
~ Hell Yes ~
Okay so I kinda delayed my opinions on the anime coming out next month due to an outstanding lack of purpose. But, I sucked up my question of philosophy and the universe to bring you this list of the great (hopefully :sweaty:) anime premiering next month.

First off is Senko No Night RaidThe second series of the "Power of Anime" project (the same project that started Sora No Woto). Set in the early 1930s, Senko No Night Raid is an espionage anime following a spy organization called Sakurai Kikan set up in Shanghai.
Luke: Honestly, Sora No Woto wasn't my thing, but this seems a bit different and has promise.

Second is Black★Rock Shooter
Based off of the Miku Hatsune song "Black Rock Shooter" the anime will feature an original protagonist and music.
Luke: It's things like this that teach me so much more about otaku culture (and here I thought I knew everything). But it looks fantastic and obviously the music will be great with huke and ryo at the helm, so I suppose time will tell.

Third is . . . oh god Iron ManMadhouse and Marvel kick off their four part Marvel character reinvention with Iron Man and I'm pretty sure that's self explanatory.
Luke: Visually, this looks incredible and the reinvention for Japanese audiences has not changed the iconic suit's look (does anyone remember Japanese spider-man? ). It's safe to say Nick and myself are looking forward to this project.

Fourth: HeromanWhile on the topic of Marvel, Stan Lee and Studio Bones collaborated to make this odd collaboration of Giant robot clashing against the forces of evil. Essentially it's the story of an American named Joey who finds a toy that transforms into a giant robot.

Luke: I really wanna see this, don't ask me why. It just seems like either a serious success or a giant WTF. But now I'm just waiting for the trailer to come out.

Fifth: Yojohan Shiwa Taikei
Based on Morimi Tomohiko's novel, Yojohan Shinwa Taikei follows a nameless third year college student as he recalls his previous years spent with the members of his club.

Luke: I'm really excited to watch this anime because of three reasons: 1) I like the story premise 2) It's directed by Yuasa, who is amazing. 3)Nakamura Yusuke is behind the character design!!! (Google it if you don't know why I love him).

Sixth (It's a long list): Arakawa Under the Bridge
Ko Ichinomiya, an upper class man, is pulled out of the Arakawa River by a beautiful vagrant named Rino. The residents of the area are a bit on the unusual side and now Ko is caught in the middle.

Luke: Such an odd premise for an anime/manga but I like it and like many of the others I've discussed, we'll have to wait and watch.

The rest of the list is as followed (I talked about the ones I'm looking forward to):

Angel Beats
House of Five Leaves
RAINBOW - Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin
Ichiban Ushirono Dai Maou
Giant Killing!
Shin Koihime:Musou Otome Tairan
Kiss X Sis
Hakuouki - Shinsengumi Kitan
Mayoi Neko Overun!

Luke: Quite a few anime being released this Spring look good, unlike Winter (kinda lacking). I intend to watch and review as many as possible (even the bad ones).