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Saturday, October 17, 2009
Well well well! Alec here, and it looks like Activision has decided to start releasing DLC for a game that most of us have probably already picked up and beaten the hell out of. I'm talking, of course, about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. And man, what an announcement it is! Carnage, the first of five DLC characters, has already been announced, and we're expecting more news to trickle down from the MUA site. So far, from what we've gathered, the DLC will be a pack, containing five characters each with their own boosts and alternate costume, a few new stages, and even some special goodies which I'm sure would be best found out for yourself. So if you've already beaten MUA 2, don't put it away just yet. There will be more content for the game coming rather soon (probably before the holiday season rolls around). It will be a long wait, but why not make yourselvs comfortable and enjoy some art?
Above: Carnage's Main Costume (Cletus Kasady, Original)
Below: Carnage's Alternate Costume (Ultimate Carnage, Gwen Stacy)

EDIT: A bit late, but I might as well put it all in one post. Seems as though there's a nice little leak that just came through the crossing, and boy, it's BIIIG. It has been confirmed that Carnage, Psylocke, Cable, Black Panther, and Magneto will all be playable DLC when the pack comes out. Here's two images to prove it:


Nick said...

See luke u can finally stop whining bout cable.

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