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Friday, October 16, 2009
Momentum Deferred

Fringe has finally delivered its first masterpiece episode of season 2. “Momentum Deferred” is emotional, exciting, well directed, well acted, and delves further into the shows mythology then ever before.

The episode begins with an attack upon a cryogenics lab in Boston, Massachusetts. (A side complaint: 90% of the episodes take place in Boston or the Boston area, where Fringe Division's headquarters are based. Although this makes it easy for the characters to have first hand experience with the events that occur in the show. It seems like poor writing to have all the attacks focus on such a specific area.) While the team scrambles to discover the reasoning behind this attack, they discover a body, which displays similar traits to the shape shifter they discovered several episodes earlier. They also discover the device that allows the other-worldly creatures to perform the attack, which will hopefully lead them to the attacker. However, it also leads them to discover that one of their own has been infiltrated. On top of the intricate shape shifter plot, Olivia during a bizarre sequence of events regains her memories from her trip to the alternate universe. This well shot and revealing scenes reveals more layers of Fringe's mythology and conspiracy then ever before. My jaw was literally on the floor as William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), Olivia's strange host, laid down the circumstances that so far had lead to everything Fringe had been following since day one. Not only did the scene reveal the plot, but it revealed an incredibly original, and interesting premise, something you would hardly expect to see on a network television show.

John Nobel's Walter receives even more depth in this episode in the form of an equally bizarre and eccentric love interest. Nobel plays Walter with such giddy excitement and awkward love for his interest that it is hard not to warm your heart.

The whole episode culminates in a violent discovery that breaks both Olivia and the audience emotionally. Everything in this episode was spot on, and is easily up there as one of the best hours the show has ever produced. Delivering on everything the fans wanted and more “Momentum Deferred” is a magnificent episode, that only escapes my highest mark due to my minor quip listed above.

Score: A


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