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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
(Yes, Spirit ^ got the plug this time )
Now does everyone remember my post the other day about Soul Eater? Of course you do. I know you savor all the words that cascade from my mouth to artfully articulate into sentances. Well I decided to do a review on this rather interesting anime series. I'll break it up into three categories: The good, The bad, and The WTF. To start with whats good, the original concepts in this anime are wonderous and insane. I loved the idea of the bond between characters as meister and weapon, as well as the fact that they put a strong girl as the protangonist. The story, while not perfect, is immersive and the characters are enjoyable (even though some may have a screw loose). Finally for the good, the combat. The combat in Soul Eater is intense at times and can't really be explained. It's sorta like This (Return post to Gormy). But combat is different for every character, for they all have their own unique flaws. Also while the art may have a cuteness in style, it's not reserved when it comes to blood. While this anime may not have nearly as many bad as good, it still has a few problems. The plot is somewhat familiar to other well known anime and not really that original. It revolves around the protagnists saving people, fighting demons, and constantly overcoming within themselves. All of this, while not new and exciting, makes for a pretty good anime. And finally we come to the WTF, the biggest one of all for me was, Where Does This Anime Take Place??? Which is a rhetorical question cause I know it takes place in Nevada, but I don't recall there being this in Nevada.

Overall I'd say this is an enjoyable anime for hardcore (if it's possible) and casual otakus alike. It definatly has my seal of approval.


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