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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Okay, okay I know I said Otaku sleep and I'm serious about that, but I did some last minute searching across the web and found the New York Times Manga Bestseller list for this month . The results came as a shock to me, not so much the content, but the order.

Coming in at first was, Duh duh duh dun, Naruto #46 (cuz who doesnt love Pain?) this was pretty expected.

Coming in second (shockingly enough) was Rosario+Vampire #9 (Which I just recently purchased). This was suprising, especially considering it did better than Bleach.

Third was Yu-Gi-Oh R, which is awesome that they made such a twisted alternate storyline (mabey i'll do a review sometime).

Fourth, Chibi-Vampire #14. Still not surprising, it's also a good read.

Fifth, Vampire Kisses #3 (damn, so many vampires that don't sparkle).

Sixth, Full Metal Alchemist #20. Hellz yes (I had a literal obssession with FMA for awhile, this is a personal victory).

Seventh, Skip-Beat #19. Unfortunatly I don't know much about this series, but i'll read it eventually.

Eigth, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order #12

Ninth, (finally *sigh) Bleach #28. I was totally shocked that such a popular series is so far down the list, I blame the internet (interpret that anyway you like).

And e-last-ic but certainly not least (please, feel no obligation to laugh at my horrible jokes), One Piece: Hope!! #22.

Okay now I promise to sleep and be right back, running off of sugar and empty carbohydrates tomorrow.

P.S. the picture was meant to confuse.


Anna said...

for the record, i laughed at the corny joke...after scratching my head for a little bit.

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