Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Hello everyone. First off, I must apologize for the relative inactivity on the site as of late. Between Otakon and getting my wisdom teeth pulled I havent had much time to keep the site running up to speed. Although there wasn't really any big nerd news to break over these past few days, I have fallen behind in keeping up on the few announcements that WERE made. Regardless, here are this weeks batch of moderately funny web videos.

1. Cows and Cows and Cows

There are few words to describe this weird music video that has been taking the web by storm. Basically its about two minutes of funky, and really disturbing cow dancing...Yet its oddly entrancing. Watch at your own risk.

2.Classic Viral: To Isengard

Can you believe I just discovered this today? Well here we go, the classic and catchy Lord of the Rings electronic remix.

3. Leaked Harry Potter Scene

This video makes me laugh for several reasons. Not only is it pretty clever, and well edited, it also parodies one of the lamest movie endings I can remember seeing in recent memory. Honestly, go back and watch the Chamber of Secrets and tell me why it ends the way it does. Its corny, unnecessary, and cheaply emotional.


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