Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There are few video game franchises growing faster then EA's Dead Space. Originally created in 2008, Dead Space has spawned a comic series, a prequel animated film, a spinoff rail shooter for the Nintendo Wii, and now a full fledged live action feature film lead by Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso.

During an interview with MTV, Caruso dropped several hints regarding the plot and style of the upcoming video game adaptation. The director confirmed that the film will in fact be a prequel to the original game, and will feature "the whole sort of brainwash-y/Scientology" element of plot in addition to its trademark necromorphs.

However despite having most of the plot mapped out, the film has yet to be scripted. Caruso mentioned that he has met with several writers regarding multiple pitches for how the film will be approached, but that production is still moving forward: "We've tried to crack the story a few different ways, so I know when we get back we're going to get into it and I feel like we'll have a screenplay in a few months. It'll hopefully be ready to go."


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