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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When it comes to comics and animation, there are few minds as respected as that of Paul Dini. The writer behind perhaps one of the best television series of all time Batman: The Animated Series and the award winning Arkham Asylum game, has received nearly universal acclaim from nerds and nonnerds alike. Today, Dini made thousands of more fanboys dreams come true with an announcement given to MTV. Dini will join the likes of Brian Bendis, Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle on the upcoming animated series Ultimate Spider-man.

The series, which is based off the highly popular comic book reboot under the same name, was announced earlier this year following the cancellation of Spectacular Spider-man. Although this decision was originally met with controversy, Dini made numerous claims to the quality and integrity of the upcoming take on Peter Parker. Reportedly the new series will be a 50% faithful adaptation of Bendis's award winning comic series, with a blend of stories original and familiar material. Dini also confirmed that changes will be made to Peter Parker's world and backstory to help fit the feel of the series and for a modern day audience: "As much as I love elements of Spider-Man's past, I don't really want to go back in and retell the Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin story in animation just so I can do my take on it. I don't want to redo the first Spider Slayer story. I don't want to redo some of those classic Lee/Romita and Lee/Ditka stories just for the sake of seeing them rendered in animation. For now, I just want to approach Spider-Man with fresh eyes, taking a few things we know about him and just doing a new spin on the concept". He also confirmed that there will in fact be guest appearances by other characters in the Marvel Universe, something that was absent in Spectacular.

Ultimate Spider-man is scheduled to air next fall with a first season of 26 episodes.


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