Artificial Continuum

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well I said I would do it and here it is, a review for the Durarara anime.

~Opening Theme~

I was really drawn in by the theme and I instantly realized who did the animation for it. Turns out the manga was written by the same person as Baccano! which really explains a lot. The music is catchy, one of those anime openings I'll get stuck in my head for awhile and it follows the same "introduce every character in the opening cause there's a lot" structure to the imagery.


Essentially, it follows the same story as the manga with a few changes in the character appearances.


After I totally trashed then went back and second-guessed my review on the manga, I was surprised when the anime turned out to be really good. The animation is awesome (far from the manga's art) and the action is good. The voice acting could be better but it's not bad (kinda happy that one of the best characters doesn't talk). Honestly it reminds me of the chaos and insanity of Baccano with an equal amount of acceptable comedy (I nearly died laughing when a gang member was punched in the face so hard he flew backwards and spun out of his clothes). The story is equally as hard to follow as the manga, but it seems that the less you know, the more enjoyable it is. It's a good combination of insanity mixed with a dash of mystery. I would have to say that so far, this is the anime to watch this winter season (but it is a slow winter season for anime).
Overall I'd give it:

Animation: 19
Voice Acting: 16
Characters: 20
Story: 18

Overall: 73 (Definatly a watch if you have the time)