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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eh. Wasn't that good.

As a fan of the original series, I have to say that the changes that were made were rather irksome. While I normally yell at Harry Potter fans and the like for their whining for changes to the source material, the alterations here seemed irreverent and annoying. The source material was annoyingly disregarded to make things more cinematic and simpler for an audience that the director appears to think is far less intelligent then they truly are.

The first third half of the film feels so rushed and cluttered, that it feels like a mess. It's little fun, and an overall mess of filmmaking. The characters don't shine, and many major points in the book are disregarded and not for the better. The plot ideas although not essential were needed to help streamline the plot, and added to alot of the charcter story.

The second act was by far the most entertaining. Although it two took its liberties from the main plot, it plays like a fun mythological road trip, which is actually a ton of fun to watch. One sequence in Las Vegas was actually very funny, and a joy to watch.

Unfortunatley the third act falls into the same trap as the first, when all the random ideas from the first forty five minutes come crashing together in a colossal train wreck, thats a mess, and only occasionally fun.

While no Harry Potter, it is deffinetly no Eragon either. Despite its many flaws The Lightning Theif is still a fairly enjoyable film. The special effects are fairly well done, disregarding the awful Minotaur sequence. The acting isn't as bad as it could've been, and there are many good laughs throughout.

Score: C+


Chezno said...

it's a damn shame too

Anna said...

saw the movie. i was in great dislike. XP DOWN WITH THE BAD MOVIE!!!!!!!!! D-