Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Few can deny that for a shooter Halo has a rather indepth lore. The origins of the Covenant, the Halo rings, the flood, and even the Spartans have a surprisng originality to them. So why is it that this episode detailing the origins of the Halo universe lacks that spark?

The episode picks up following the events in Halo 3, as Cortana relates to a comatose Master Chief the origins of the rings and the flood. What could have been an interesting look at the Flood's war with the Forerunners instead becomes a standarad recounting of what we already know. Not even a look at the Forerunners themselves is truly interesting enough to save this episode.

The animation is a welcome return to a more traditional anime style, similar to The Babysitter, which is welcome after the two previous episodes bizarre design choices.

In short Halo Legends: Origins suffers for telling a story even the most minor Halo fan is familiar with, and refuses to make it interesting at that.

Score: C+