Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Well Nintendo, after two and half years of utter failure, you've finally decided to pull yourself out of the putrid slime that you like to reside in. Okay, that was a little harsh, but this year is looking to be one of Nintendo's better years.

First off we have Super Mario Galaxy 2. Regardless of what you think of the idea of another Mario Galaxy game, this new addition to the super powered plummers saga seems to be filled with polished gameplay and charm. The game features new stages and new gameplay twists, such as the inclusion of the lovable dinosaur Yoshi. Due out for release early this year.

Metroid: Other M ScreenshotSee More Metroid: Other M Screenshot at

Now the big one, Metroid Other M. Metroid is one of Nintendo's most critically acclaimed and beloved franchises and this new game looks to continue that tradition. With a new indepth story and anime style cut scenes Metroid Other M is a Metroid game like no other. However, the true star of this new Metroid title is the control scheme, which intigrates a seemless switch between 2D sidescrolling, and first person shooting. The game is due out for release June 27th of this year.