Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow. A Halo Legends episode that was actually really good? Somebody slap me because I must have drifted into the Negative Zone or something. No I do not lie, Prototype by Studio Bones is a damn good episode.

The story follows Ghost, a UNSC marine who several years back got most of his team killed in order to complete a mission. Now faced with an overwhelming Covenant attack, Ghost dons a protoype piece of armor in order to hold of the enemy and get his remaining team members to safety.

The story may sound simplistic, but Studio Bones manages to inject surprising personality into the character Ghost. His story of redemption and self awareness is a familiar but powerful story that is thankfully delt with in a rather subtle manner.

The action in this episode is also top notch. Drawn in an anime style more akin to Origins and The Babysitter the battle between the marines, the Covenant, and the prototype armor is exhilirating and has the necessary emotion for the story. Unlike such travesties as the Package, Prototype finds that necessary balance between action, story, and character. It is also nice to not have a single Spartan appear throghout the episode, putting the focus on the characters that are often overlooked in the Halo universe.

Overall, Halo Legends: Prototype is a wonderful piece of anime that suceeds in its mission of telling a captivating and action packed story, especially one that lasts only fifteen minutes long.

Score: A