Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, apparently Bungie hadn't had enough hitting us over the head with old information, and decided to make Origins 2, unlike the previous episode this recounting of Halo lore seems to have much more of a cohesive narrative following the spread of war across the galaxy. However, there are many things about this episode that are confusing and intriguing at the same time.

Origins 2 is a well crafted and animated episode, and uses the Halo soundtrack to perfection to tell the more immediate history of the Halo universe. The depiction of human galactic colonization is interesting to watch and so are the early battles with the Covenant. While they tell a familiar story, unlike the first episode of Origins the scenes here are depicted in a much more interesting manner. There is one sequence of the Covenant and the UNSC fighting the Flood that is especially fun to watch, and is a standout moment in the whole Halo Legends series.

However, there are some points where its appears that the continuity of the Halo saga has been misplace or confused. Events seem out of place, or just don't exist in the Halo canon, which seems odd for an episode following the origins of the Halo universe. There is also a rather annoying hint at a fourth Halo game, which seems a bit unnecessary if you ask me.

Score: B