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Monday, February 8, 2010


My third review on the anime for the winter season is Sora No Woto. Starting out as an anime, Sora No Woto has no manga (well had, it does now) or pre-existing fan base and personally I love the idea.


The story focuses on Kanata Sorami. When she is separated from her parents at a young age, she found inspiration in a trumpeter she met. She decides to join the army and become a bugler, despite the fact she can't play. She is assigned to the town of Seize, where she is taken care of by Rio Kazumiya, her bugler instructor who plays the trumpet, and the rest of the squadron.


I might make Anna-chan do a serious review of this cause it isn't exactly up my alley so to speak. The character design really resembles K-ON and it seems like a really shoujo anime. Despite that, I thought it was good. A really touchy, feely type of story revolving around friendship no doubt. The animation is great (if i were to relate it to something it would be movie grade level animation) and the soundtrack/background music is even better. The voice acting is interesting and it's original. Like I said before I'm not a good judge of shoujo stories but it was all around a good anime. The only real downside I can think of is that it had no conflict whatsoever in the first episode (which is all that is subbed so far).


Animation: 20
Story: 18?

Originality: 16 (seems just alittle too much like K-ON)

Characters: 15 (Not really that interesting)

Overall: 69

(again, I'm not the best judge of shoujo but it was good and I think it has more of an appeal to girls):sweaty:




Anna said...


i'm checking it out. very much my thing. ^_^