Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bioware has promised us much more DLC for Mass Effect 2, which only recieved two extra missions over two years of release. Two pieces of DLC were availible with launch, just like Bioware's other RPG powerhouse Dragon Age Origins. Are these extra missions and characters worth downloading?

First off we have the Normandy Crash Site. In the very beginning of Mass Effect 2 your beloved starship from the original installment is destroyed by a mysterious assailant. The Normandy Crash Site offers you a chance to explore the crash site of your trusty spaceship.



For an RPG DLC, the Normandy Crash Site is surprisingly lacking in the story department. The main plot centers around you walking around the wreckage of the Normandy collecting dogtags, and thats it. You occasionally get flashes of characters of the original game, but no dialogue. The story is so minimalistic and poorly rendered that its surprise that Bioware released it.
+Some Nostalgia
-No Dialogue
-No Plot
Score: 5/40
Well, er...the gameplay is also boring. Collecting dogtags is a laborious task that holds no true reward. The only true gameplay reward is the multitude of resources that can be found in area. This might save you some scan time, but overall doesn't stop the overall monotony of this mission.
+Plentiful Resources
-No Combat
Score: 10/40
Well, the graphics are the only true upside to this level. The crash site is surprisingly eerie and emotional. Seeing the crashed Mako and torn apart hull strikes a surprising emotional resonance. The planet's snowy atmosphere also is surprisingly captivating and beautiful to look at.
+Oddly Emotional
Score: 9/10
The sound that made the main game so spectacular is still there, but to a much smaller degree. There is no dialogue and no cool sound effets either. The only true ambience you here is another superb score by Jack Wall.
+Jack Wall's score
-No dialogue
Score: 6/10
The Normandy Crash Site is a disappointment to say the least, but its a free disappointment. You might as well waste fifteen minutes on this crap if your bored. If it had any other price tag it would be worth ignoring.
Aggregate Score/Overall Score: 30/100