Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Spartans are in many ways the center of the Halo universe. Even more so then the Halo rings themselves, these genetically enhanced supersoldiers are the real epicenters of the plot, and the characters we interact with the most. However, outside of the Halo novels very little is explored about their creation and origins.

Homecoming tells the story of one Spartan, Daisy, across her career. We get a detailed depictions of her early life, training, failed escape attempt, and a pivotal battle in her career. The anime works well as short fifteen minute biopic that also details the complex morality behind the Spartan program, and aspect that is often overlooked by the testosterone filled Halo universe. Daisy's story is a captivating watch that keeps you interested throughout the entire fifteen minute run. The action is also handled well carrying the necessary emotion needed for the story.

There is also a cameo at the end of the episode that is handled surprisingly well, and delivers the right send off to the episode

If there is one major flaw in Homecoming it is the bizaare flashback driven narrative. It takes you a good five minutes to understand whats really going on, and in an anime that lasts only fifteen that is a librety that costs it dearly. The voice acting in some areas also feels flat and insincere.

Overall, Homecoming is a brilliant addition to the Halo Legends saga and will probably rank as one of the better episodes of the series with its emotional character study.

Score: -A