Artificial Continuum

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Honestly, I jumped the gun a bit when I reviewed this yesterday and I'm noticing now that it's not bad.


A youth who yearns for an un-mundane life, a hoodlum, a stalker denpa-girl, a young man who deals in information ‘for fun’, a black-market doctor, a high-schooler obsessed with magic, as well as a ‘headless rider’ riding a bike painted black. These unusual people begin a series of abnormal stories that never fail to create headaches. But, although their personalities are all twisted— they still talk about love. (ripped from one manga, I didn't think it was good enough to try and explain myself at first)


Okay so the art is not that great, not that it's awful but nothing stands out. The limited use of grays in between black and white, as well as the huge amount of negative space leave the eye wandering a bit and it makes it hard to focus on the dialogue which is the same color as everything else. The characters, however are interesting and really hard to understand their personalities/train of thought. If there is one thing I enjoy, that's insanity and confusion which is included into the story frequently.
As for the story, it's pretty painful to get into and extremely odd once you do. Oh and when I find a clear cut answer to the question "What is Durarara about?" I'll tell you. Though I mus say the originality in this series is good. It's not your average Shonen, fight the baddies, manga. Much like Baccano, the line between good and evil is blurred constantly.
Overall I'd say:

Story: 15
: 10

Dialogue: 15
Originality: 25
Overall: 65 (Okay)

The weirdest thing the anime is actually pretty good. Maybe i'll do a separate review of that later.