Artificial Continuum

Monday, May 31, 2010
Happy Memorial Day everyone! No, there are no peppy army videos this week. Even though its oddly fitting. There is not much of a theme at all for this installment. Just a lot of very strange stuff. If you like teleprompters, Lovecraft, and The Mighty Boosh then you will probably enjoy this episode. If not....well...go somewhere else.

1. The Adventures of Little Cthulu

Who knew that HP Lovecraft's stories could be so cute and cuddly? Perhaps a better question is what would the writer think of his horrific creations presented in such a fashion?

2. Classic Viral: Look at that Horse!

Look at that horse! Trivia time: This clip is actually featured in the Disney Pixar film Up when Carl is watching tv during the opening sequences of the film.

3. Old Greg

I'm old Greg! That's pretty much all that can be said about this bizarre clip from the British comedy The Mighty Boosh.


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