Artificial Continuum

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

JJ Abrams is a man who thrives off mystery. Seen most obviously in his creations such as Fringe and Lost Abrams plays with the viewers mind. This is perhaps most obvious in his giant monster film Cloverfield. Cloverfield, itself a mystery, was built on a minimalist and cryptic marketing campaign that enthralled fans throughout the internet. Abarms now looks to reignite this with the release of his equally cryptic Super 8. Super 8 is reportedly the codename for Abrams's tease attached to Iron Man 2, which premiers this Friday. Sound familiar? Cloverfield's initial trailer premiered before Transformers in 2007. Little is known about this movie, but there are numerous rumors that it is tied to Cloverfield. Super 8 supposedly follows a group of children who shoot a short film on their video camera, but later find that in the background is a mysterious alien creature. We'll keep you posted as the mystery unfolds.


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