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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
To hype up the release of Nintendo's Pokemon Black and White, and a brand new generation of Pokemon, the three starter characters for the games have been revealed. Left to right we have: Tsutaja, the grass snake, Pokabu, the fire pig, and Mijumaru, the sea otter.

Now let me offer my two cents. I have to say these are the most underwhelming starter characters for a Pokemon generation I have ever seen. I mean really, a fire pig? The grass starter looks fine, but just fine. Compared to such classics as Treeko or Bulbasaur it just looks lame. Overall, Pokemon Black and White have more then their ridiculous names to prove themselves to the fanbase.


Anonymous said...

As underwhelming as they are, you kinda have to take into account that Japan has a bit of a focus on the cute aspect. Plus it has to appeal to both boys and girls, since Pokemon has basically the largest most diverse fanbase you're ever gonna see. So it has to appeal to about 6 billion different levels of testosterone and estrogen at the same time.
I say give it time with more Pokemon to be released; I'm sure there will be some out there that are more whelming than these and the title legendaries.

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