Artificial Continuum

Monday, May 10, 2010
Yup. It's Monday again, and that means.....more moderately funny videos! Here's what I managed to find this week. Also, it might be worth noting that from now on there will be more structure to this segment. The first video will be a new viral that cropped up during the week. The second will be a classic meme or viral for old times sake. The third and final will be a random video I feel like posting. Yes, I know. Really organized right?

1. Phillies Fan Gets Tazered

So this was a big deal this week. Some poor guy decided to have some fun and ran on field during a Phillies game. Then the mean people who keep order at these types of events tazed him. How dare they? I know, right? The cruelty. Regardless, this was the biggest video of the week. I also apologize for the quality. There are better versions on the web, but embedding on them has been disabled.

2. Classic Viral-Japanese Flash Mob

This is an awesome video. Seriously, further proof that the Japanese are just really amazing people. I want to do this now. AC readers, feel like storming some alley ways?

3. Marvel and DC: Iron Man and Jonah Hex

Itsjustsomerandomguy is famous throughout the internet for having some of the best commentary on comic books on the internet. His latest video parodying Marvel and DC's summer blockbusters Iron Man 2 and Jonah Hex doesn't fail to deliver.


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