Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There are few video games as intense and revolutionary in their storytelling as Heavy Rain. The critically acclaimed and sucessful interactive crime thriller was released earlier this year and has already sold over a million units. Today, Deadline New York announced that Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne's Unique Features has acquired the rights for the game, and plans to create a film adaptation. It is speculated that Warner Bros. will finance the production.

My Opinion: While Heavy Rain is a story intensive and unique gameplay experience, it is not something that would adapt well into a film. The game itself is already a highly cinematic experience, and a I doubt a movie could do a better job at adapting this story. Also, like Mass Effect, Heavy Rain thrives off of player input. The film would be forced to make specific choices to tell the story, and would take away this integral aspect to what makes the game unique.


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