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Monday, April 19, 2010

Well I think I've had enough downtime unlike everyone else but Nick, and I am back from yet another hiatus to post more random reviews (only recently they have been of newer anime!). This time around it is of an anime I had quite frequently mocked before. Heroman, an anime made by Bones studio in association with Stan Lee, premiered and I was more than happy to give it a shot.
Essentially the main character, Joey Jones (Stan Lee's name obviously) is a semi-regular kid, he has a part time job (a cafe that Stan Lee frequents), he is bullied, and he live with his Grandmother. But when a freak bolt of lightning strikes the toy robot he has been restoring, It turns into an eight foot tall automaton. Appropriately naming this robot "Heroman", Joey uses his control over the superhero to fight the Skrugg, a new bug-like alien race intent on collecting a specimen from Earth and then destroying it (yeah not too original haha). It looks like Joey's new toy is humanities last hope for salvation.


I was pleasantly surprised with this anime. It turned out a lot better than I had hoped. The story was pretty and a standard alien invasion story. But it was easy to follow with likable characters and great animation. What really made me laugh was how hard they were trying to show you that it was America. I swear there was like a 20 second image of the American flag blowing in the wind between scenes, but it wasn't a big problem. It's the sort of anime that is easily enjoyed by casual anime fans and its pretty shonen battle genre.

Animation: 20
Story: 20

Originality: 10
(yeah not too new a concept)
Characters: 20

Overall: 70

Totally worth the watch. Not the best anime you'll ever see, but it's a great one to watch while you wait.




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