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Sunday, April 18, 2010
This week was C2E2, the large comics and entertainment expo in Chicago, Illinois. Marvel came out in force to showcase the future of numerous projects including the future of the X-men, Spider-man, and most of all the Avengers.

First off, let me show you guys this rather amazing image which details the rosters for the entire Avengers franchise for the near future. Awesome is the only word that comes to mind. However, I am only able to leave you this link (courtesy of

The Avengers themselves will be off to a busy year. The Avengers in the All Ages section of Marvel will be facing off with the Infinity Gauntlet.

However, perhaps the most interesting upcoming Avengers story is the Young Avengers crusade to find the long missing Wanda Maximoff. I can already tell that this won't end well.

Also it appears as if X-men will be jumping on the vampire wagon. Their new roster, which ranges from Blade to Spider-man, will be combating vampires when the new volume of X-men opens this fall. The new X-men series reportedly features a more mission based story structure, and will feature guest stars from numerous Marvel comics. I can sense the necessary Deadpool appearance already. There will also be a relaunching of X-force, and several new Wolverine stories including centric stories on Dakin and a trip through hell.

Also, among the most surprising news is that Steve Rogers will step down form the role of Captain America. Although his new title is yet to be revealed there will be two short series following the character in his transition. First, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier will follow Steve's new title, and Captain America: Patriot will follow Captain America's Cold War adventures. This new version of Steve Rogers will also appeared in the new Secret Avengers series.

Finally, we reach perhaps the most controversial series of the convention. Spider-man: O.M.I.T. (One Moment In Time) is designed to fill in the gaps created by the poorly received One More Day retcon. The series will center around the central point of the changes, Spider-man's marriage. The story arc will reveal numerous aspects of Peter's life that have remained a mystery until now. However, most of all it will be a painful reminder of one of the worst decisions in Marvel history.


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