Artificial Continuum

Monday, April 19, 2010
Yup. Its Monday again. And that means....pointless videos on the internet! Yay! Well not really. At least we have some decent videos this week. We've got rabid dog man, and yes really annoying internet memes.

1. Vicious Dog Man

Well...thats special. Seriously though, I want this guy to guard my front lawn. He's just that awesome...and really freaking scary.

2. Awesome Lost Promo

Yes, I know what your thinking. Really Nick? Another Lost video? But hey, Gene Wilder plus Lost equals epic creepiness. This promo is easily the best the series has ever had.

3. Mudkips..........
Yes, I sunk that low. I have a Mudkip video. But hey, I challenge anyone to sit through this entire video. Seriously. Just try it.


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