Artificial Continuum

Monday, April 5, 2010
Here's this week's round up of cool viral videos that came to my attention this week. Ranging from April Fool's gags to School Plays to Balloonshop, we have a real treat for you guys this week.

1. Smark-Balloonshop

Oh Balloonshop. Possibly the best consistently funny Youtube comedy group,Balloonshop thrives on the bizarre, and the unquestioned. Don't try to make sense of their videos, you will fail.

2. Halo-Bollywood Trailer

Created as an April Fool's Day joke by this great trailer mixes Halo with Slumdog Millionare to create an awesome Bollywood movie trailer. I kind of wish this would be made now. Finish the Fight!

3. Scarface-School Play

Possibly the best school play ever made, Scarface the school plays is filled with fake curses, nerf guns, and of course cute kids. Apparently, the play is a staged film and was not actually performed, but that doesn't take away from how much I love this video.


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