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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Maxis is perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed video game studios in the world. The creators behind such megahits as the Sims and Spore franchises, the company, originally spawned by gaming genius Will Wright, announced today to numerous Internet publications their newest project: Darkspore.

An action RPG in the same style as Blizzard's Diablo,Darkspore follows three alien heroes as they race to defend their planet from an evil empire. However, while its premise is derivative, what sets Darkspore apart is its fluid and creative editor system, akin to its sister series Spore. Parts for the creature editor are found instead of typical RPG loot. Your decisions in the editor will also effect gameplay, adding stat boosts to speed, defense, etc.

Details on the project are few and hard to find at the moment, but Gamespot has posted a rather indepth interview with the project leads. Seen below.

Thanks to Gamespot for the interview.


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