Artificial Continuum

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
That's right folks, now you have it. The fourth and final Spider-man universe for the upcoming game has been revealed, courtesy of In addition to swinging through the Amazing, Noir, and 2099 universes, players will be able to hop into the highly popular Brian Bendis written spin off series Ultimate Spider-man. Unlike 2099 and Noir, the Ultimate universe is no stranger to the video game world, having a title based off it released to numerous consoles back in 2005.

The Ultimate universe is a cell shaded slick looking world that borrows much of its style from the original game based on the series. However, what sets Ultimate apart from the other Dimensions in the game is the prescence of the malevolent symbiote suit. Why Peter Parker is once again clad in his emo outfit is unknown storywise, but it adds unparalleled power to the character in combat. The Ultimate universe has already been announced to feature Deadpool, and Carnage as villains.

Check out this cool video preview, once again courtsey of


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