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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Believe it or not it has only been three years since Marvel turned the entire Spider-man fanbase on its head with their controversial One More Day storyline. This story ,which not only ended Peter Parker's 2o year marriage (in reality) but introduced a new creative team, has had a mixed reception by fans and critics alike.

However, it appears that after three years of a thrice monthly release schedule and a shifting creative team that the Brand New Day era is about to end. Whether this means that Spider-man's marriage will return is unknown, but coming next year Spidey will have a new creative team.

Despite this change in ranks, the current creative team claims that they are ending their run on the popular franchise with a bang. This September marks the start of a five part saga focusing on the chaos surrounding Lilly Hollister's goblin baby. Every villain introduced since the start of the run (including those seen in the Gauntlet redesigns) will make an appearance and will force Parker to edge to save his himself and those close to him.

The newest series set to be written solely by Spider-man veteran Dan Slott will feature several different artists (Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin and Stefano Caselli). Slott also teased that the latest series will feature the return of several classic villains including Mac Gargan returning to his role of Scorpion (after a seven year run as the latest incarnation of Venom).

On related news, the psychotic symbiote Carnage will be returning to Marvel comics after a five year absence. Returning in a five part mini series, the symbiote will find a new host (this time a female) and will take on long time foes Spider-man and Iron Man. This series written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Clayton Craid (one of my personal favorite artists) will feature multiple symbiotes including Anti-Venom.

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