Artificial Continuum

Friday, July 23, 2010

Although it has yet to begin filming, the mysterious science fiction project Super 8 ,created by acclaimed director JJ Abrams, has already garnered a sizable internet following.

The project, which follows an escaped creature/object from Area 51, first debuted its teaser trailer in front of Iron Man 2 earlier this summer. Its mysterious style and lack of detail has garnered mass viral speculation akin to Abrams's other project Cloverfield.

However, despite the lack of details shrouding this project, Abrams did reveal several small details surrounding the upcoming 2011 science fiction film. Shooting for Super 8 will begin in September of this year and will not be involved with any 3D technology. Interestingly, Abrams also confirmed that Super 8 will be tonally similar to Steven Spielberg's, who is producing the film, works from the 70's.


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