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Saturday, July 24, 2010
Joss Whedon has been dropping alot of hints about his upcoming megablockbuster The Avengers. While the project has rumored for years and casting hints have been leaked onto the internet for months now, for the first time Whedon has confirmed and denied numerous peices of information that have leaked onto the Internet.

Thanks to an interview with (seenbelow), the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator confirmed that Academy Award nominated actor Jeremy Renner will in fact be playing the arrow shooting Hawkeye in the comic book adaptation.

Also, in less positive news. Whedon has dropped some conflicting and confusing reports about fan favorite actor Nathan Fillion playing the role of Ant Man. Fillion (Firefly)has been rumored to play the size changing super hero for months, and yesterday Whedon appeared to confirm his appearance in the film. However, Marvel has issued a statement claiming that Whedon's apparent announcement was in fact a joke. Since then the director has gone on record with the following quote: "Nathan Fillion is Ant-Man, unfortunately Ant-Man isn't really in the movie."

What exactly that means will be left up to interpretation.


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